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Mary Blyth

For as long as she can remember the Mother/ Child bond in all its breathtaking beauty and complexity has fascinated Mary.  As an avid babysitter from the age of 10, she discovered early on her passion and gift for being with babies, as well as her deep respect for Mothers and her desire to assist them in bringing forth and raising their children.

As a Mother of 5 grown children raised in Hawaii, and grandmother of 7. Mary has experience as a stepmother, adoptive mother and a natural home birth mother of three.  Her life has been deeply devoted not only to her own family, but to the families of the communities wherever she has lived. 

Mary has had the great good fortune to work side by side with many seasoned midwives and birth professionals.  Her childbirth education training was undertaken with Pam England, author of the popular book ‘Birthing From Within’.  Ina May Gaskin has also had a huge impact on her and remains a great inspiration.  Mary is also a student of the exciting and emerging field of pre and perinatal psychology, which sheds light on the perspective of the baby throughout the gestation, birth and bonding periods. 

Over the last 45 years Mary has focused her energy in the fields of holistic health, community arts, early childhood education (Waldorf) and, for the last 15 years, has had a thriving practice as a Birth / Postpartum Doula and Natural Childbirth Educator through the Waimea Women’s Center at North Hawaii Community Hospital.  She keeps her classes fresh and exciting by staying connected to her clients experiences, ongoing study and by telling the truth about birth! Mary believes that all women truly desire to bring their best self to birth and she delights in sharing her passion for the journey.

Mary also offers pregnancy and labor coaching by phone. “On Call Doula” is a very practical service which can offer the pregnant mother and laboring couple an affordable option of receiving much needed support at any point: pregnancy, labor, birth and/or newborn care for babies.  As of Spring 2020, she is excited to be offering her classes at the beautiful office of Dr. Kate and Tate Gentile of Atlas Specific Spine Center in downtown Waimea.