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Recently, a Washington Post Article described a prevalence of “hornlike” features jetting out from the skulls of young adults. This may sound crazy, but a study out of Australia, in the Journal of Anatomy took 218 x-rays, of subjects ages 18 to 30, to suggest that the bone growth could be observed in 41 percent of young adults.

This phenomenon could be related to cell phone use and “text neck,” which are reshaping our skulls by the position that we are putting our head in. It is similar to the adaptation of our hands being calloused by overuse or repetitive stress.  The danger is not necessarily the horn itself, but the stress added to the head and neck. This could change the alignment, equilibrium, and balance all together.

As upper cervical chiropractors, we focus on the alignment of the top 2 bones of the neck.  The alignment of these bones control the overall alignment of the body.  Furthermore, the health of the brain could be compromised.

Atlas Specific Spine Center focuses on the alignment of the top bones of the neck.  Get checked today.


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