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Did you know that chiropractors can help people who suffer with headaches? 

Headaches may seem common to you, but you should know they are not normal.  Traditional treament for headaches are typically over the counter medications.  Once that medication doesn’t work, prescription drugs, and “preventative medications” are typically the choice.

You should know that there is HOPE.  You do not need to live like this!  The answer is not more drugs.  Your body wasn’t born with a lack of Advil or Imitrex.

Now is the time to get to the root cause of your headaches.

The nerves that exit the brainstem go up the back of the head, to the scalp, behind the eyes and into the face. 

A misalignment of the top bone of the neck could cause pressure to these nerves. If you suffer with tension headaches, cluster headaches, migraines, or stress headaches, please find an upper cervical chiropractor near you.  Please call us if you live in Waimea, Honoka’a, Hawi, Kona, Hilo or surrounding areas.  There is hope and we are here to help!