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“You can’t fight darkness, you’ve got to turn on the light–You can’t fight disease, you’ve got to turn on LIFE.”

If you are in a dark room and you turn on a light, what happens? The answer is nothing.  Darkness is not a thing.  It is not an entity.  It only occurs when light is removed.

If you are sick and get well, what happened to the illness?  The answer is nothing.  Illness is not an entity, it only occurs when health is removed.


If we turned off the light in this room, we could focus on the darnkess and try to figure out ways to package it up and remove it from the room, …OR you could focus on restoring light.

The same is true about your body.  We could focus on fighting/managing symptoms, sickness, and disease, … OR we could ask “where has the persons health gone and how can we restore it?”